Zoe Warren (righthandwoman) wrote,
Zoe Warren

Everyone's done their best, today of all days, to make things as easy as they can be for Zoe with Wash gone.

Still, there's a weariness that's not just physical, and she's opened the hatch and stepped onto the ladder before she realizes she's moving towards getting Naomi bedded down in her own bunk, not heading for the guest room at Milliways.

...Well, she can't stay away forever.

Maybe it won't be that bad, she thinks as she heads back up and over to the next bunk--the one that hasn't been slept in by anyone about a month. And if it is, she can always just head back to the bar tomorrow night.

She does lie awake in bed for a little while, clutching a pillow mostly so that her arms don't reach out for what isn't there. But tiredness prevails quickly enough, and she drifts off, still hugging the pillow as she lies alone in her and Wash's bed.
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